General Mills makes some of the world's most beloved cereal brands. But in the past few years consumers have chosen to go outside of the house for breakfast more and more. But the fact remains, people still love cereal and they love it for many different reasons… there's probably a gazillion of them.

To ignite the true cereal lover we created a program called the search for the Cereal Master General. The idea was to identify cereal lovers online through social media and provide them with a way to try 36 different cereals and review each one through video submissions. The military style box they would receive contained 36 single serving boxes, a custom stenciled bowl and spoon, and a briefing folder that contained all the info they'd need to submit their reviews.

In order to convey the true scope of the idea we also created a playbook for General Mills. One volume that they could used again and again as a guide to feed new ideas into their social media channels. Each page was an idea that could be extracted and executed online or off in any media.